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Kris McIntyre is a Ryoho yoga therapist and writer best-known as the host of Australia’s YOGA TV. She currently works as the Editor-in-Chief/ Writer for strategic communication and design consultancy, gen.a and is a freelance writer for dumbo feather, Australian Yoga Journal and female-friendly travel website, holidaygoddess.com

As a freelance writer, author and editor Kris specialises in yoga, health/wellness, and travel with a focus on body and soul escapes. She co-authored Yoga for Switched on Living (Pan McMillan 2002) and has written for marie claire magazine (South Africa) and was a regular columnist and feature writer for body+soul (Sunday Telegraph, News Limited Australia) and Spa Life Magazine in Australia.

Kris is also the founder of Exchange for Change – a fundraising campaign in support of Oxfam.

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Expedia Insider Short Breaks – Find your Zen

Expedia Insider recently asked for my tips on how to find your inner Zen on a short break. Here’s my tips …

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Tokyo! Yum.

Boasting the world’s biggest fish market, an obvious love affair with French cuisine and more Michelin Star restaurants than any other city, Tokyo enjoys its reputation as the dining capital of the world. From the local izakaya (the Japanese equivalent of a pub) to luxurious lounge bars with breathtaking sky-views, French patisseries, cheap and cheerful noodle cafés to high-end kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine), food lovers are spoilt for choice in Tokyo. Read more …

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The Tibetan Rites: 5 moves to a younger you

In 1985, the Western world was introduced to the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation by Peter Kelder’s bestselling book, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. In it he recalls meeting an old British colonel who’d discovered the rites while visiting a remote Tibetan monastery where the residents never seemed to grow old. The series of five yogic exercises developed by the monks have since become a popular daily practice. The philosophy is that, practiced daily, the rites allow the flow of vital life-force energy through the body. Read more …

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Igniting Change – a gift that tells a different story

On my left wrist is a special gift from my dear friends Mark and Eduardo. It’s special because it’s a constant reminder of two people I love and also because it’s a gift that tells a different story. The bracelets, an initiative of Australian-based charity, Igniting Change, are hand-crafted by artisans in Cambodia out of land mines and bullet casings.

Igniting Change describes itself as “a purposely tiny charity sparking ideas, alliances and resources for social change”. They are passionate about giving a voice to people who often don’t have one and creating a bridge between people who need help and those in a position to give it – like Founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson …

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Beyond the boardroom: What diversity in the workplace really means

In his opening address to the to the 2012 Sydney Peace Foundation’s Annual Forum, the Australian Representative to the United Nations Global Compact, Matthew Tukaki, said that “diversity in the workplace is not just about breaking glass ceilings. It is about the empowerment of women in our society who should receive equal pay for an equal days work, where we can do more to invest in small business start-ups for indigenous women and women from migrant communities.” He also said that the debate sometimes gets lost in the clouds and ivory towers of other representative bodies. For White Paper magazine, I asked some of Australia’s leading experts on diversity in the workplace what they think. Here’s what they had to say …